Our Services

We provide fast and efficient technology so our creatives can spend maximum time concentrating on their projects. Our goal is to lead the market in high-end picture finishing. Our services offering is focussed to reflect this. 

workflow planning & execution

Core members of our team help support production teams prior to commission and during pre-production to prevent costly overrun during the latter stages of post. We advise on camera choice, workflow alternate routes for post-production, liaise with the commissioning studio/broadcaster and provide post production scheduling and budgeting ready for an ongoing Post Supervisor to finesse when on board.

DI Conform & Grade

We are a Baselight facility with Filmlight technology and colour management at the core of our ecosystem. Our Baselight systems are the fastest in the world adapted with high-performance NVMe storage.

All colour suites are UHD & 4K, HDR & SDR capable with Sony HX310 monitoring.
We also offer a host of remote review tools including Frame IO and Clearview Flex.


Our shrewd thinking and innovative approach to online includes options for finishing in both Flame and Baselight with 40gb network connectivity for seamless efficiency. Our hybrid working model provides remote review options to fit any schedule, anywhere.

Invisible & specialist VFX

Our award-winning partners and majority investors, Coffee & TV are experts in the mastery of visual effects and provide specialist and invisible VFX for all our projects. With both Companies on the same network in the same building we have engineered a strong and efficient pipeline that enables shots to appear in graded sequences almost immediately.

QC & delivery

Our dedicated QC and delivery team ensure all content from our suites is mastered and technically compliant for delivery to all global streamers, broadcasters and distributors.