We are piloting a scheme to tackle both the diversity and inclusion crisis in the UK post industry and the skills gap in one hit by creating a FREE, sustainable employability programme that provides practical, hands-on training and access to the UK VFX and Post Production industry to marginalised and underrepresented communities.


Our industry is not known for ‘giving back’ or for making meaningful investment in diversity and inclusion while a culture of ‘who you know’ has kept the industry traditionally full of middle class, white and particularly in creative & technical roles, men.  

There is also a widely recognised skills gap which has intensified following the Covid-19 pandemic and a huge increase in the demand for content.

The Coffee & TV Group is a socially engaged business. We see it as our responsibility to champion change by building a pathway that enables a diverse representation of backgrounds, cultures and lived experiences not just into our business but to the industry overall.

The Offering

Pixel Pathway is attached to our working facility with training provided by people who work within the industry using the tools we work with day to day. We are actively seeking to get in front of and recruit marginalised and underrepresented
communities and provide free, practical training up to an entry level standard.

Our scalable and innovated hybrid programme will leverage in class, on-demand, online, in person, peer to peer and alumni training models.

There isn’t an institution like this that exists yet within the UK.


Spring 2024.